Television |Buddy TV| TV’s 25 Best-Looking Fathers and Sons

Pick one:
Sam, Dean and John Winchester, Supernatural
Eli and Rick Sammler, Once and Again
Silas Botwin and Lars Guinard, Weeds
Lucas and Keith Scott, One Tree Hill
Jaime and Alex Vega, Cane
Liam and Finn Court, 90210
Kyle Trager and Adam Baylin, Kyle XY
Clark and Jonathan Kent, Smallville
Dan and Rufus Humphrey, Gossip Girl
Jess and Jimmy Mariano, Gilmore Girls
Kyle and Tom Baldwin, The 4400
Stefan, Damon and Giuseppe Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries
John Connor and Kyle Reese, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Ryan and Frank Atwood, The O.C.
Connor and Angel, Angel
Ephram and Andy Brown, Everwood
Dawson and Mitch Leary, Dawson’s Creek
Tim and Walt Riggins, Friday Night Lights
Keith and Richard Watson, Desperate Housewives
David Breck and Michael Mancini, Melrose Place
Logan and Aaron Echolls, Veronica Mars
J.D. and Joe McCoy, Friday Night Lights
L.J. and Lincoln Burrows, Prison Break
Ben and Bill Henrickson, Big Love
Tyler and Richard Lockwood, The Vampire Diaries
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