Television [p15] Another bunch of songs that remind me of Shows/Characters/Couples etc. - Which is most fitting? [141-150]

Pick one:
"I Will Always Love You" {Whitney Houston} || Brooke & Lucas
"Swallowed In The Sea" {Coldplay} || Sawyer & Kate
"I Love You" {Faith Evans} || Brooke & Lucas
"Peacock" {Katy Perry} || Skins Cast
"Till I Forget About You" {Big Time Rush} || Lucas & Peyton [s5]
"Bottoms Up" {Trey Songz} || Skins Cast
"Girlfriend" {NSYNC ft Nelly} || Brooke & Lucas [s2]
"Marry You" {Bruno Mars} || Lucas & Peyton
"Perfect Two" {Auburn} || Marshall & Lily
"Kiss With A Fist" {Florence & The Machine} || Stefan & Katherine
 xoheartinohioxo posted over a year ago
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