Television |Tv Fanatic is thankful for...| With what do you agree on?

Pick one:
... the intelligence of The Good Wife.
... Damon Salvatore's mischievous smile.
how T a H M gives Charlie S. a fictional avenue to effectively play himself
... Abed's parents for ignoring him...
... Damon Salvatore's bare chest.
... Barney Stinson quotes, and that we're not the Blitz. We think.
... every word out of Sue Sylvester's mouth.
... okay, just Damon Salvatore in general.
... the marriage of Tami and Eric Taylor.
... this clip from the West Wing, our favorite scene in Thanksgiving television h
... massive amounts of Sauvignon Blanc on Brothers & Sisters.
all the ridiculous quotes Chris Harrison and Mike Fleiss write for the Bachelor
... Serena van der Woodsen's outfit choices.
... Gibbs' rule book on NCIS.
... Phil Dunphy. And Manny Delgado. And Cameron and... just the entire Modern Fam
... the fact that Heroes is no longer on the air.
 laurik2007 posted over a year ago
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