Television Favorite actor/actress who had a main/recurring role in more than one TV show?

Pick one:
David Boreanaz[BtVS/Angel/Bones]
Alyson Hannigan[BtVS/HIMYM]
Charishma Carpenter[BtVS/Angel/Veronica Mars]
Kristen Bell[Veronica Mars/Heroes]
Jensen Ackles[Days of Our Lives/Smallville/Supernatural]
Milo Ventimiglia[Gilmore Girls/Heroes]
Jared Padalecki[Gilmore Girls/Supernatural]
Katie Cassidy[SPN/Harper's Island/Melrose Place/GG]
Christopher Gorham[Jake 2.0/Ugly Betty/Harper's Island/Covet Affairs]
Matt Bomer[Chuck/White Collar]
Ian Somerhalder[Lost/The Vampire Diaries]
Matthew Fox[Party of Five/Lost]
James Marsters[BtVS/Smallville]
Matt Barr[OTH/Harper's Island/Hellcats]
Courtney Cox[Friends/Cougar Town]
Elizabeth Mitchell[Lost/V]
Daniel Dae Kim[Lost/Hawaii Five-O]
Christa Miller[Scrubs/Cougar Town]
Julie Benz[Angel/Dexter/No Ordinary Family]
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Melissa Joan Hart {Sabrina the Teenage Witch/Melissa&Joey}
Anthony Head (Buffy/Merlin)
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Robert Knepper (Prison Break/Heroes)
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Rachel Bilson (The O.C./Hart of Dixie)
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