Television [p14] Another bunch of songs that remind me of Shows/Characters/Couples etc. - Which is most fitting? [131-140]

Pick one:
"Just The Way You Are" {Bruno Mars} || Brooke & Lucas
"Only Girl" {Rihanna} || Sawyer & Kate
"Back To December" {Taylor Swift} || Brooke & Lucas
"Club Can't Handle Me" {Flo Rida} || Skins
"Raise Your Glass" {Pink} || Skins
"Fuck You" {Cee Lo} || Cook
"My Heart Will Go On" {Celine Dion} || Jack & Kate
"After All" {Cher & Peter Cetera} || Jack & Kate
"Because You Love Me" {Celine Dion} || Nathan & Haley
"Fearless" {Taylor Swift} || Caroline & Matt
 xoheartinohioxo posted over a year ago
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