Television {Redone}Whats ur favourite my favourite male characters from the shows i watch/used to watch/started watching

Pick one:
Jack {Lost}
Nathan {One Tree Hill}
Logan {Veronica Mars}
House {House}
Booth {Bones}
Christian {Nip/Tuck}
Chandler {Friends}
Puck {Glee}
Cole {Charmed}
Navid {90210}
Michael {Prison Break}
Dean {Supernatural}
Seth {The OC}
Toby {Pretty Little Liars}
Damon {The Vampire Diaries}
Chuck {Gossip Girl}
Maxxie {Skins}
Nathan {Misfits}
Dexter {Dexter}
Peter {Fringe}
 zarif posted over a year ago
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