Television Favorite blond guy?

Pick one:
Eric Northman[true blood]
Captain Awesome[chuck]
Lucas Scott[one tree hill]
Maxxie Oliver[skins]
Oliver Queen[smallville]
Matt Donovan[vampire diaries]
James 'Sawyer' Ford[lost]
Charlie Pace[lost]
Ryan Atwood[the oc]
Patrick Jane[the mentalist]
Sam Merlotte[true blood]
Barney Stinson[how i met your mother]
Robert Chase[house]
Jason Stackhouse[true blood]
Spike [BtVS]
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Dawson Leery {Dawson's Creek}
dean winchester [supernatural]
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Eric Van Der Woodsen [Gossip Girl]
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Logan Huntzberger [Gilmore Girls]
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 teo_rockeritza posted over a year ago
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