Television from my favourite male characters from the shows I watch/used to watch, which one is your favourite?

Pick one:
jack shephard {lost}
nathan scott {one tree hill}
michael guerin {roswell}
jess mariano {gilmore girls}
pacey witter {dawson's creek}
seth cohen {the oc #1}
ryan atwood {the oc #2}
alex karev {grey's anatomy}
tim riggins {friday night lights}
ben covington {felicity}
kurt hummel {glee}
kevin walker {brothers and sisters}
navid shirazi {90210}
nathaniel baze {life unexpected}
cooper freedman {private practise}
michael scofield {prison break}
eric northman {true blood}
damon salvatore {the vampire diaries}
brandon walsh {beverlly hills 90210}
chuck bass {gossip girl}
clark kent {smallville}
john dorian "j. d." {scrubs}
 frsbg posted over a year ago
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