Television {Redo: Out Of My Favorite Bad Boys(Who R Good In The Serfes/Deep Deep Inside)}Who Is Ur Favorite?(Plz Comment)

Pick one:
spike (btvs/angel)
dylan mckay (bh 90210)
chuck bass (gg)
noah"puck"puckerman (glee)
pacey witter (dc)
dr.alex karev (ga)
dr.mark salon (ga)
dr.gregory house (house m.d)
barney stinson (himym)
james"sawyer"ford (lost)
josef kostan (moonlight)
dr.perry cox (scrubs)
drew suffin (scrubs)
michael guerin (roswell)
dean winchester (supernatural)
steven hyde (that 70's show)
ryan atwood (the o.c)
damon salvatore (tvd)
eric northman (tb)
logan echolls (vm)
jess mariano (gg)
 clois222222 posted over a year ago
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