Television [p6] Another bunch of songs that remind me of Shows/Characters/Couples etc. - Which is most fitting? [51-60]

Pick one:
"Beautiful Liar" {Beyonce/Shakira} || Brooke & Peyton [to Lucas]
"Jesse's Girl" {Rick Springfield} || Puck/Quinn/Finn
"Never Ever" {All Saints} || Brooke Davis
"Bubble Gum" {Rasheeda} || Katie Fitch
"Bossy" {Kelis} || Katie Fitch
"Your Love Is My Drug" {Kesha} || Brooke & Lucas
"Bulletproof" {La Roux} || Brooke Davis
"Alejandro" {Lady GaGa} || Brooke & Lucas
"Hot Mess" {Cobra Starship} || Effy Stonem
"Like A Virgin" {Madonna} || Jake & Peyton
 xoheartinohioxo posted over a year ago
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