Television Favorite character whose name starts with C?

Pick one:
Chris Miles{skins}
Cassie Ainsworth{skins}
Callie Torres{grey's anatomy}
Chris Keller{one tree hill}
Chuck Bass{gossip girl}
Carter Baizen{gossip girl}
Clark Kent{smallville}
Chloe Sullivan{smallville}
Chuck Bartowski{chuck}
Caroline Forbes{vampire diaries}
Claire Littleton{lost}
Charlie Pace{lost}
Chandler Bing{friends}
Cristina Yang{grey's anatomy}
Chris Michael Taub {House M.D.}
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Cordelia Chase {BTVS/ANGEL}
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Chris Keller {Oz}
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clayton {one tree hill}
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 teo_rockeritza posted over a year ago
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