Television Which TV actor do you have the biggest crush on? {Add}

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Alexis Denisof [Angel]
TJ Thyne [Bones]
David Boreanaz [Angel/Bones]
Tim Roth [Lie to Me]
Michael Weatherly [NCIS]
Hugh Laurie [House]
Added by angelfire0264
Matthew Fox [Lost]
Added by sk91
Jensen Ackles [Supernatural]
Added by kristine95
Ian Somerhalder [The Vampire Diaries]
James Lafferty [One Tree Hill]
Matthew Perry (Friends)
Chace Crawford
Added by celina
Matt Leblanc (Friends)
Added by Mongoose09
Ed Westwick [Gossip Girl]
Added by brittlegirl94
Wentworth Miller [Prison Break]
Added by crazy8gurly
Misha Collins [Supernatural]
Added by joose32
Jared Padalecki (Supernatural)
Added by Kaidi
Patrick Dempsey ( Mcdreamy) but in real life Prince Jackson
Robert Knepper
Added by Rob4evaaa
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