Television If you could magically transport yourself into any television show that is CURRENTLY ON, what place would you most want to visit?

Pick one:
The Jeffersonian (Bones)
The Lost island (Lost)
Sacred Heart Hospital (Scrubs)
Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit center (24)
The Dunder Mifflin branch in Scranton, PA (The Office)
30 Rock Studios (30 Rock)
The Battlestar Galactica
Added by nuimdave
Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives)
Dean Winchester's '67 Impala (Supernatural)
Added by katyownsyouxx
Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (House)
Added by iluvjesse
The Pie Hole (Pushing Daisies)
Added by Booyahboy
The Daily Planet(Smallville)
Doctor who
Added by maknenek
Seattle Grace Hospital (Grey's Anatomy)
Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls)
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Karen's Cafe (One Tree Hill)
Added by bjames238
Primatech (Heroes)
Added by raknaff
County General Hospital Chicago (ER)
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The River Court (One Tree Hill)
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The Work Bench (Reaper)
Added by pmmom38
NewYork (Gossip girl)
Added by gurunduce
The Bullpen (NCIS)
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