Television What is the saddest or most memorable death from a television show?

Pick one:
Buffy finds her mom dead (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Prue is killed by a demon (Charmed)
Lucy dies after being stabbed by a deranged patient (ER)
Maude dies in a freak accident involving a t-shirt cannon (The Simpsons)
Buffy sacrifices herself to save the world (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Bobby dies while waiting for a heart transplant (NYPD Blue)
Boone dies from injuries he sustained in a fall (Lost)
Dr. Greene dies from a brain tumor (ER)
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JennyCalender, Giles finds her killed by angel in his bed (Buffy)
Charlie drowns so the others can get off the island (Lost)
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Ben's Dies of Leukemia (Scrubs)
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Tony dies from being stabbed by Henderson (24)
Denny Dies After Proposing to Izzie (Grey's Anatomy)
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Paul's (John Ritter) family moans his heart attack after his sudden death
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Marissa Dies In The O. C When Volchuk Pushes Car...
Marissa Dies In The O.C When Volchuk Pushes Car Off Road
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Fred's soul Dies on Angel to make way for Ilyria.
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Amber dies while Wilson is beside her
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Chris dies suddenlyand Jal was pregnant w/his baby (Skins)
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Jen Lindley dies from heart problems (Dawson's Creek)
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When Keith Got Shot By Dan On One Tree Hill
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Andrea dies in a plane chrash (ghost whisperer)
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Franks gets stabbed by the P2P killer (NCIS)
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Juliet Burke dies when falling down the hole at the 'Swan' station (Lost)
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Ellen&Jo sacrifice themselves in bomb blast for Dean&Sam's escape {Supernatural}
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Teri Bauer's death by traitor (24)
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