Television All-time favorite marriage proposal from a TV show? (PLEASE ADD, I COULD ONLY THINK OF A FEW)

Pick one:
Jesse proposes to Rebecca (Full House)
Miranda proposes to Steve (Sex and the City)
Chandler proposes to Monica (Friends)
Lorelai proposes to Luke (Gilmore Girls)
Mark proposes to Elizabeth (ER)
Cole proposes to Phoebe (Charmed)
Xander proposes to Anya (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer)
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Leo Proposes To Piper (Charmed)
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Nathan proposes to Haley (One Tree Hill)
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I Haven&# 39; t Seen Any Of These
I Haven't Seen Any Of These
Added by liznchase
Lucas proposes to Peyton (One Tree Hill)
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Jim proposes to Pam (The Office)
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Jim proposes to Melinda (Ghost Whisperer)
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