Television What is your favorite episode of TV (Any Show)?

Pick one:
War Stories (Firefly)
Smile Time (Angel)
Once More With Feeling (Buffy)
Yellow Fever (Supernatural)
Fetal Position (House MD)
Added by oldmovie
Normal is the Watchword (VMars)
Added by brittlegirl94
Changing Channels (Supernatural)
Added by EllaBlack
any episode of Lost--best show ever!
Added by pmmom38
The Constant (Lost)
Added by OceanCoast
Any episode of Friends
Added by Mongoose09
Memento Mori (The X-Files)
Added by cicino1
My Lunch (Scrubs)
Added by stickymonkey
Truth or Consequences (NCIS)
Added by Lie_to_Me_123
Anything from season 3 of OTH
Added by Seddie4Ever
The Return (The Office - Season 3)
Added by Quick-ly
The Rainy Day Women (The O.C.)
Added by famelover23
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 tinkymel posted over a year ago
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