Television Favorite male character whose name starts with the letter "J" ?

Pick one:
James Wilson (House M.D.)
James "Sawyer" Ford (Lost)
Jack Shephard (Lost)
Jamie Scott (One Tree Hill)
Jake Jagielski (One Tree Hill)
Julian Baker (One Tree Hill)
Jess Mariano (Gilmore Girls)
John Locke (Lost)
Jack Hodgins (Bones)
Jimmy Olson (Smallville)
Jason Teague (Smallville)
Joey Tribbiani (Friends)
John Dorian ( Scrubs)
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Jim Halpert (The Office)
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Jeremy Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)
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Jack Bauer (24)
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Jack McFarland (Will & Grace)
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Jimmy Palmer (NCIS)
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Jimmy Cooper
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Jesse St. James (Glee)
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Jake Peralta (Brooklyn Nine Nine)
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