Television Favourite TV Show Tagline?

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Are you ready for more? (Sex and the City)
Escape is Just the Beginning (Prison Break)
Every Body Has Secrets (Bones)
Every superhero has a beginning... (Smallville)
Everyone has a little dirty laundry. (Desperate Housewives)
Everything Happens for a Reason (Lost)
Live fast. Die never. (Angel)
Love is immortal (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Once lucky, Twice smart, Three times Charmed (Charmed)
Operations. Relations. Complications. (Grey's Anatomy)
Save the Cheerleader. Save the World. (Heroes)
Sin Never Sleeps (CSI)
Street smart with heart. (Veronica Mars)
The dead are talking...and she is listening. (Ghost Whisperer)
Ugly is the new beautiful (Ugly Betty)
What you don't understand can kill you. (Supernatural)
Where nothing ever changed until one outsider changed everything (One Tree Hill)
Where The Truth Lies ... (Mad Man)
You can never have enough Friends! (Friends)
You're nobody until you're talked about (Gossip Girl)
If you think you know what's next, you don't know Jack! (24)
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It's the end of everything simple,and the beginning of everything else (Dawson's
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"You wanna live in the zip, you've gotta live by the code." (90210)
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Genius has side effects. (House M.D.)
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