Television Where would you love to hang out the most & with which group of guys?

Pick one:
Peach Pit with the Beverly Hills 90210 Guys!
Central Perk with the Friends Guys!
Karen's Cafe with the One Tree Hill Guys!
In a motel with the Winchester brothers!
Added by kristine95
River Court with the Scott brothers!
Luke's diner with the Gilmore girls!
Added by teNaxx
The Bronze with the scooby gang!
Added by spikes_girl
Chucks hotel with the upper east siders!
Added by BrookeGirl
PPTH with amazing doctors!!!!
Added by huddyislove
Doc Magoo's with the ER gang!
Added by Eline_K
Abby's Lab with the NCIS Agents!
Added by Lie_to_Me_123
P3 with the Charmed group
Added by pmmom38
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 ellie-scott posted over a year ago
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