Television Biggest TV Schemer?

Pick one:
Alex Karev - (Grey's Anatomy)
Barney Stinson - (How I Met Your Mother)
Ben Linus - (LOST)
Blair Waldorf - (Gossip Girl)
Bree Van de Kamp - (Desperate Housewives)
Chuck Bass - (Gossip Girl)
Dexter Morgan - (Dexter)
Gregory House - (House MD)
Julie Cooper - (The OC)
Marc St. James - (Ugly Betty)
Michael Scott - (The Office)
Samantha Jones - (Sex & The City)
Steven Hyde - (That 70's Show)
Valerie Malone - (Beverly Hills 90210)
Wilhelmina Slater - (Ugly Betty)
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 dsdsdrsf posted over a year ago
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