Television High school superlatives {the 100}; which do you agree with the most?

Pick one:
best hair ⇒ anya
cutest couple ⇒ lexa & clarke
nicest smile ⇒ raven reyes
most athletic ⇒ roan
most dramatic ⇒ lexa
class clown ⇒ jasper jordan
friendliest ⇒ wells jaha
best hugs ⇒ bellamy blake
best dressed ⇒ abby griffin
biggest flirt ⇒ finn collins
best bromance ⇒ indra & kane
most changed ⇒ octavia blake
most dateable ⇒ lincoln
most outspoken ⇒ clarke griffin
most likely to succeed ⇒ john murphy
most likely to end up in jail ⇒ thelonious jaha
most likely to take over the world ⇒ monty green
most likely to become president ⇒ marcus kane
most likely to become famous ⇒ diana sydney
best person to bring home to your parents ⇒ nathan miller
 anaswill posted over a year ago
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