Television Best Halloween episode of 2015?

Pick one:
American Horror Story, "Devil's Night"
Black-ish, "Jacked o' Lantern"
Bob's Burgers, "Hauntening"
Bones/Sleepy Hollow, "Resurrection in the Remains" & "Dead Men Tell No Tales"
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Halloween, Part III"
Family Guy, "Peternormal Activity"
Fresh Off the Boat, "Miracle on Dead Street"
The Goldbergs, "Couples Costume"
Grimm, "The Grimm Identity"
The Middle, "Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death"
Scream Queens, "Haunted House", "Pumpkin Patch" and "Seven Minutes in Hell"
"The Simpsons, "Treehouse of Horror XXVI"
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 DarkSarcasm posted over a year ago
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