Television Where is your remote?

Pick one:
Somewhere in between some cushions
By the TV
In my hand
On an end table/coffee table/etc.
Sitting on the chair/couch/etc
I don't have one
I don't know
Which one?
Added by knifewrench
In a basket
Added by ktlady
Added by liznchase
in my bed
in my bed
Added by hellgirl223
My Locker / Night stand
My Locker / Night stand
Added by Hennebry
On my Remote Holder
Added by sorealcruroxz
It&# 39; s not working! : s
It's not working! :s
Added by kristine95
On the floor!
On the floor!
Added by CSI_NYfangirl
On the mantle of the fireplace
I don&# 39; t know at the moment
I don't know at the moment
hmm... good question
hmm... good question
Added by GingerGirl101
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 maybeastarbucks posted over a year ago
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