Television Favourite Tv Show With 5 Seasons Or Less?

Pick one:
Angel (5 Seasons)
Fringe (5 Seasons)
Babylon 5 (5 Seasons)
Battlestar Galactica (4 Seasons)
Chuck (5 Seasons)
Dark Angel (2 Seasons)
Eastwick (1 Season)
Farscape (4 Seasons)
Firefly (1 Season)
Leverage (5 Seasons)
Sanctuary (4 Seasons)
The Secret Circle (1 Season)
Star Trek: The Original Series (3 Seasons)
Dharma & Greg (5 Seasons)
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Tru Calling (2 Seasons)
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The OC (4 Seasons)
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Veronica Mars (3 Seasons)
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Firefly (1 Season)
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