Television if you could have the superpowers of any character from a tv show who's would you have?

Pick one:
willow's wiccan powers....just tell me when my roots are showing
angel & spike's heightened strength &sences....just remind me to buy some blinds
tru's ability to rewind days...make a quick buck on the ponies & save some lives
illyria's strength&power to slow down time-pity so many colors clash with blue
piper's power of freezing time & exploding things..hope i don't get them mixed up
ned's power of giving life...must buy a watch
buffy's strength & some lifes, open some pickle jars
cordelia's visions...does the asprin come free?
why pick just one when i can be greedy and pick clarks
bah who needs powers when you can have money & gajets
Hiro Nakamura's ability to control time and space
Added by TheLostBrotha
Melinda from Ghost Whisperer - talk to dead people
Added by House34
Matts power to read minds - read smart peoples minds during tests, NEVER STUDY
Added by Lila856
Gary Hobson get the next days newspaper today.
Added by ineedcoffee
Claire Bennet's regenerative ability
Added by TriineA
Merlin, the most powerful wizard of all time....
The power of compulsion
Added by MariLena16
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 amazondebs posted over a year ago
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