Television There is a live-action Wonder Woman TV series in the works. Who would you cast as Wonder Woman?

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Jessica Biel
Charisma Carpenter
Evangeline Lilly
Traci Dinwiddie
Morena Baccarin
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Odette Yustman
Jordana Brewster
Michelle Monaghan
Nadia Bjorlin
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Lake Bell
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Katie Holmes
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 DarkSarcasm posted over a year ago
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DarkSarcasm picked Traci Dinwiddie:
You can read the article link. These are a few of the most popular choices for the role that I've seen in blogs & polls, along with a few others I think might be able to pull it off. =P
posted over a year ago.
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AdeTiffSan picked Evangeline Lilly:
She could be great .
posted over a year ago.
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Mermaid-Tail picked Morena Baccarin:
When there was talk of a movie I heard Morena suggested, and I really liked the idea.
I think she's a very good actress who hasn't had as much chance to properly work it as I'd like. She was great in Firefly, but there wasn't real time in 1 season and 1 movie for much development for her character, and a few scenes aside her character in V has been mostly about controlled sneakiness. I'd love to see her star in something like this. Doesn't hurt that she's really attractive too.

There are plenty of actresses I think could do well. Only minor concern, the guy behind Ally Mcbeal's the one who wants to do it? Despite that show having once been a guilty pleasure of mine, that doesn't fill me with hope for a strong, empowered wonder woman. To be fair that's the only show of his I've seen, for all I know he'll rock this. Part of me is still kinda sad Joss Whedon missed the chance to write the character, but I hope this show happens :)
posted over a year ago.
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CharmedFan4eva_ picked Charisma Carpenter:
if not SMG then charisma, then jessica Beil
posted over a year ago.