Television TV's Hottest Female Character - pick the least hottest (18)

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48 fans picked:
Summer Roberts
Serena van der Woodsen
Brooke Davis
 brigmeister30 posted over a year ago
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brigmeister30 picked Summer Roberts:
20. Temperance Brennan
19. Lana Lang
18. Adrianna Tate-Duncan
17. Kate Austen
16. Effy Stonem
15. Gabrielle Solis
14. Claire Littleton
13. Claire Bennet
12. Veronica Mars
11. Blair Waldorf
10. Phoebe Halliwell
9. Lois Lane
8. Elena Gilbert
7. Lyla Garrity
6. Ella Simms
5. Buffy Summers
4. Quinn Fabray
posted over a year ago.
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bruliangurl picked Summer Roberts:
Brooke & Serena = the definition of hot!
posted over a year ago.
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crazychlo picked Serena van der Woodsen:
I am sorry, but Summer is alot prettier than Brooke and Serena. This is getting ridiculous.
posted over a year ago.
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TheLiineGirl picked Brooke Davis:
^^ it's not getting ridiculous! it's not the PRETTIEST! it's the HOTTEST!

and i don't think Brooke this that hot..
posted over a year ago.