Television My top 10 favorite show pick your least favorite round 5

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23 fans picked:
The Walking Dead
Pretty Little Liars
Breaking Bad
The Originals
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 charmeddexter posted over a year ago
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charmeddexter picked Pretty Little Liars:
7. Community
8. The Shield
9. Arrested Development
10. Brooklyn Nine Nine
posted over a year ago.
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johnlockkitty picked The Walking Dead:
this is an unpopular opinion, but i find TWD overrated.
breaking bad is great!!!
what i have seen of pll and the originals, i have found entertaining enough
i have not seen enought of the other shows to judge them
posted over a year ago.
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Rumbellefan11 picked Castle:
@johnlockkitty I agree about TWD. I watched the whole first season after hearing all the hype expecting it to pick up and become more exciting. I honestly thought it was boring. Plus, I was feeling no attachment to any of the characters, and good characters are what really make me fall for a TV show.

Angel and The Originals are the only two here that I like.
posted over a year ago.