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Television Some of the new shows that starts this fall. Which are you going to watch? #1

57 fans picked:
I’m not going to watch any of theses
666 Park Avenue
Emily Owens M.D.
Go On
Chicago Fire
Animal Practice
The New Normal
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Ben and Kate
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Guys With Kids
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Made in Jersey
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 tanyya posted over a year ago
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SailorM91 picked I’m not going to watch any of theses :
I was thinking about watching Go On but I have a lot of other shows that I'm already watching to get caught up in a new show :/
posted over a year ago.
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Bibi69 picked Arrow :
well it's about Green Arrow, so why not :D
posted over a year ago.
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Lolaa picked Emily Owens M.D. :
I will also definitely watch Arrow & 666 Park Avenue. Might check out Ben & Kate and The New Normal.
posted over a year ago.