Television Kiss, Hug, Slap [Game]

energizerbunny posted on Apr 14, 2011 at 08:58PM
Here's how it works: I will start out by saying the names of 3 characters. The next person will choose to kiss, slap, or hug each of them, and then leave 3 more character names for the next person.

I leave Peyton Sawyer, Blair Waldorf, Elena Gilbert

Next person:
Kiss: Peyton Sawyer
Hug: Blair Waldorf
Slap: Elena Gilbert

Jenny Humphrey, Brooke Davis, Stefan Salvatore

Hope you get it! And feel free to post as much as you want :]

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over a year ago energizerbunny said…
I'll start!

Kiss: Stefan
Hug: Jenny
Slap: Brooke

Chuck Bass, Damon Salvatore, Dean Winchester
over a year ago Vishee said…
Kiss Chuck Bass
Hug Dean Winchester
Slap Damon Salvatore

Marissa Cooper, Kate Austen, Meredith Grey
over a year ago alisonfaith297 said…
Kiss: Meredith Grey
Hug:Marissa Cooper
Slap: Kate austen

Mac Taylor, Phil Dunphy, Serena Van der Woodsen
over a year ago Vishee said…
Kiss Mac Taylor
Hug Phil Dunphy
Slap Serena Van Der Woodsen

Tony Stonem, Phoebe Buffay, Sam Winchester
over a year ago smms said…
Kiss: Sam Winchester (Actually, he kinda applies to all. I'd hug him too, and he needs a slap. Almost anytime Dean hits Sam he has deserved it)
Hug: Phoebe Buffay
Slap: Tony Stonem (I don't know who he is)

Dean Winchester, Buffy Summers, Charlie Kelly
over a year ago energizerbunny said…
Kiss: Dean Winchester
Hug: Buffy Summers
Slap Charlie Kelly [Don't know him]

Seth Cohen, Dan Humphrey, Peyton sawyer
over a year ago Vishee said…
Kiss Dan Humphrey
Hug Seth Cohen
Slap Peyton Sawyer

Lily Aldrin, Claire Littleton, Miranda Bailey
over a year ago MarlenaLovett said…
Kiss: Claire Littleton (on the cheek)
Hug: Lily Aldrin
Slap: Miranda Bailey

Liz Lemon, Xander Harris, Jack Shephard
over a year ago Vishee said…
Kiss Xander Harris
Hug Jack Shephard
Slap Liz Lemon

Ross Geller, Lisa Cuddy, Gabrielle Solis
over a year ago XNaley_JamesX said…
Kiss: Ross Geller
Hug: Lisa Cuddy
Slap: Gabrielle Solis

Haley James Scott, Gregory House, Rachel Berry
over a year ago Vishee said…
Kiss Gregory House
Hug Haley James Scott
Slap Rachel Berry

Carrie Bradshaw, Sookie Stackhouse, Angel
over a year ago energizerbunny said…
Kiss: Angel
Hug: Carrie
Slap: Sookie

Summer Roberts, Brooke Davis, Elena Gilbert
over a year ago Vishee said…
Kiss Summer Roberts
Hug Brooke Davis
Slap Elena Gilbert

Quinn Fabray
Lynette Scavo
Tony DiNozzo
over a year ago Wolfdreamer9 said…
Kiss: Tony DiNozzo
Hug: Quinn Fabray
Slap: Lynette Scavo

Emma Pillsbury
Niles Crane
Barney Stinson
over a year ago energizerbunny said…
Kiss: Emma
Hug: Niles
Slap: Barney

Serena Van Der Woodsen
Veronica Mars
Naomi Clark
over a year ago Vishee said…
Kiss Serena Van Der Woodsen
Hug Naomi Clark
Slap Veronica Mars

Rory Gilmore, Joey Tribbiani, Ted Mosby
over a year ago victoria7011 said…
Dont know any so
Kiss Joey
Hug Ted
Slap Rory

Puck(glee),Jack(Eastenders),Harry Hill
over a year ago XNaley_JamesX said…
Only know Puck, and I would kiss him

Nathan Scott, Stefan Salvatore, Ryan Atwood
over a year ago othpop6668 said…
Kiss: Nathan Scott
Hug: Ryan Atwood
Slap: Stefan Salvatore

Clark Kent, Jess Mariano, Damon Salvatore
over a year ago XNaley_JamesX said…
Kiss: Clark <3
Hug: Jess
Slap: Damon

Brittany Pierce, Katherine Pierce, Joey Potter
over a year ago VampLover1864 said…
Kiss: Joey Potter
Hug: Brittany Pierce
Slap: Katherine Pierce

Ben Grogan (Fairly Legal), Greg Sanders (CSI), Wes Mitchell (Common Law)
over a year ago Vampsessed said…
big smile
Kiss: Wes Mitchell
Hug: Greg Sanders
Slap: Ben Grogan

Peter Petrelli (Heroes), Sam Winchester (Supernatural), Neal Caffrey (White Collar)
over a year ago jake_rose_4ever said…
Kiss: Sam Winchester
Hug: Peter Petrelli (don't know him)
Slap: Neal Caffrey (don't know him)

Tony Dinozzo(NCIS), Dr. House(House), Santana Lopez(Glee)
over a year ago Vampsessed said…
Kiss: Santana
Hug: House
Slap: Tony

Ziva (NCIS)
Wilson (House)
Puck (Glee)
over a year ago smms said…
Kiss: Puck
Hug: Wilson
Slap: Ziva

Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
Kate Austen (Lost)
Phoebe Buffay (Friends)
over a year ago SherlockStark said…
Kiss: Dean Winchester <3
Hug: Phoebe Buffay
Slap: Kate Austin

Sayid Jarrah (Lost)
Kevin Tran (Supernatural)
Johnathan Harker (Dracula)