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Natalie Kim
Natalie Kim
With all the political chaos happening this year, the CBS drama "MADAM SECRETARY" has done a good job of creating political escapism. No matter how intense the storylines get – at least you know they’re fiction.

In the recent episode, titled “Persona Non Grata,” Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) plans a summit at Kyrgyzstan to address their human trafficking problem – even though their President denies the problem.

This episode brought back a few things from last season: the human trafficking issue, the President of Kyrgyzstan and his trusty Translator, played by actress NATALIE KIM.

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Dean Li
Dean Li
If you’re a fan of Showtime’s hit show “Shameless,” then you already know you're up for another season full of crazy Gallagher family antics.

The second episode of Season 5, titled “I’m the Liver,” premiered last night, introducing actor Dean Li as the ‘Twink’. He’s a friend of Ian and Mickey, who gets caught up in a patriotic moment and finds himself willing to take one for the team – or ‘give one’ actually.

Dean explains, "I can't say I relate to my character, but he's part of a story that's important to tell and one that definitely lives up to the title of the show, I think.”

We also just found out this was Dean’s television acting debut. That’s right – first time out and he’s already proving to be fearless. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Keep up with Dean Li at: link
posted by amazondebs
okay now i think this is fanpop's first rewatchathon correct me if i'm wrong

anyways for those of you going a what? it's basically where a bunch of fans of a finshed television show gather to rewatch it and discuss it

now since it's me that's posting this soapbox guess which show it's going to be? that's right boys and girls buffy :D so you could say this soapbox is miscatorgarized but before you hit the report button let me explain. I know there are a lot of older buffy fans out there that don't participate in the spot with the show being over long ago so you won't check the forums or updates...
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Cry away, it's okay!
Cry away, it's okay!
A warning before beginning this article: although all of these series are concluded, some for several years, I will provide a spoiler alert for Ally McBeal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and 8 Simple Rules for those who are that touchy about learning about major events in shows they haven't watched.


Death. Everyone does it. And television shows often use death for a season's climax, knowing that the loss of a loved character will anguish (but entertain) viewers. But there are few that actually cause audiences to cry. As a TV & movie viewer who tends to prefer...
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Ok everyone, I love TV but I don't really have a favorite show. Yes, that sounds a bit odd but I've been going on and off from sitcoms to dramas to crime shows. My favorites are Seinfeld, Sex And The City, Without A Trace, Friends, The Office and CSI. I want to know what you people are watching and what's good out there or what I'm missing. Please note this: No Teen Dramas Please! I.E. One Tree Hill. Those make me sick and their full of wrong choices and sex (most of the time).

So let me know what you think and if you have a show for me, I'll check it out.

posted by DarkSarcasm
I bet about half of you are already planning on eating me alive or feeding me to a polar bear just for the title. You don't have to read this. You can turn back now and just pretend you never saw it. No one will ever know. =P

The Lost/Walking Dead thing just kind of popped up in the early hours of the morning when I was trying to get to sleep. I started writing stuff down, wondering if it would make sense when I was fully conscious. It did. So here you go - a rough list of similarities between characters from The Walking Dead and Lost.

Notes: Most of the Lost stuff applies more to the early...
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"The Mistle-Tones": Megan Duffy and Andy Gala
"The Mistle-Tones": Megan Duffy and Andy Gala
Actress MEGAN DUFFY brings her big voice to the small screen this holiday season in the all new original ABC Family TV movie musical “The Mistle-Tones.”

Premiering this Sunday, December 9, 2012 and repeating throughout the month, Duffy joins Tori Spelling, Tia Mowry and one of our FanPop favorites Andy Gala, all on a journey to the real meaning of Christmas. In addition, Duffy can be heard on the soundtrack which features songs from the movie sung by the cast.

Originally from Chicago’s South Side, Duffy’s graduated from Northwestern University with a double major in Theatre and Sociology....
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Richie Stephens
Richie Stephens
From Brit to German, actor link brings his diverse accents to the small screen. The Irish actor who now calls Los Angeles home, recently appeared on TNT’s crime drama MAJOR CRIMES as a British villain and will next appear as a German pilot on Cameron Crowe’s Showtime series ROADIES.

Previously, Richie portrayed the ‘savior’ in three of Florence and the Machine’s music videos; guest starred as a Texas serial killer on CBS’s Criminal Minds; and appeared in the indie films, Soy Nero, The Shop, Selling Dreams and Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner Fruitvale Station.

Richie Stephens recently...
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I watched a ridiculous amount of TV in 2015. I started a few shows from the beginning, gained a new appreciation for some, gave up on others, claimed a few new TV wives. Below are a list of my ten favorite characters from current shows. If you're not up to date and want to avoid spoilers for a particular show, just skip that paragraph. (Duh.)

Detective Amanda Rollins [Kelli Giddish, Law & Order: SVU, Season 17]

Amanda Rollins has not had an easy season. She's pregnant (because Kelli is pregnant), her fugitive sister came back into town and nearly ruined her life again, her mother had...
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Stephanie Sanchez
Stephanie Sanchez
The latest real crime story to get a reboot as a network television is “Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders”. And, if you thought the original murder case of Lyle and Erik Menendez was riveting, then you’re going to love this show.

Actress Stephanie Sanchez steps into the all-star cast as ‘Linda’, the assistant to Defense Attorney Leslie Abramson, portrayed by Edie Falco.

Stephanie has appeared on numerous TV shows, including "Jane the Virgin," "Life in Pieces," "Grey’s Anatomy," "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," "Shooter" and most recently the new CW military drama, "Valor."...
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If you’re a “Justified” fan, then you’ll definitely be interested in meeting actress Arriane Alexander, who portrays one of the newest recurring characters on the FX show: Officer Susan Crane.

We caught our first glimpse of Officer Crane during the season premiere episode and now she’s back for more in tonight’s episode, “Over the Mountain.” Office Crane is the tough prison guard at Harlan County Jail who watches over the incarcerated Ava Crowder (Joelle Carter), wife of bad-boy Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins).

In real-life Arriane is nothing like the burly character she portrays....
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As a child growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the early 1980s, I often woke up early in the morning, before heading off to school, to complete watching my favorite Warner Bros./ Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck cartoons. Often times, Dr. Don Rose (Rosenberg), would entice us to watch more cartoons by showing us a series of animals, many of whom we could possibly win by simply guessing the correct name and species of the animal shown on that day's Broadcast. My father urged me not to waste my time on such nonsense, but I did not care, I was so attracted to Dr. Don's voice, that I spent weeks trying...
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Did you know that there is a real Dunder Mifflin Infinity website? Did you know that you can be hired to work at Dunder Mifflin? Did you know that you can become a warehouse employee, a receptionist, or even an Assistant Regional Manger at Dunder Mifflin? It's true!!!!!

link am the Regional Manager of the link and we are looking for exceptional employees like you to fill these very positions:

Warehouse Employee
Customer Relations Specialist
Quality Assurance Specialist
Supplier Relations Specialist
Warehouse Foreman
Human Resources Manager
Assistant Regional...
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posted by thetankmoment
I am out-ragged! I was watching Nickelodeon, when I saw that they were cancelling Sam and Cat-the last hope I had of reviving ICarly and Victorious. They made a whole EPISODE about how much pain fans go through when they cancel a show. And now they’re doing just that, on Nickelodeon’s best idea, Throwback Thursday. Talk about a big slap in the face! When Nickelodeon cancels a show, they wipe it out of existence. Sam and Cat was just an AMAZING idea, and now they go and THROW IT AWAY! There had better be something REALLY good on the other side of this Nickelodeon Slime Rainbow (As gross...
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posted by adwbuffy
For Example, Buffy The Vampire Slayer all the fans of this show would always ask what would happen to Buffy with out her vampires,
For Example, Buffy The Vampire Slayer all the fans of this show would always ask what would happen to Buffy with out her vampires,
Don't yah hate season finale's of your favorite shows. I mean there was a lot great shows on Television that everyone love to watch, then when its time for the last and final epsiode of a great show. Everybody would feel depressed that there favorite is over now. For Example there were shows like Sailor Moon, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed, Xena: The Warrior Princess, Hercules The Legardary series, man I can just go on, Everyone feels that the show should stay on . Like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.

See everyone would keep on asking what happen to them now. All I have to say is that it sucks to have the last episode of your favorite tv shows, like me my shows that I love to watch would be Charmed, Xena The Warrior Princess, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, should I just go on?

Overall, Everyone would always remember there favorite show that they watch on television.
This review is dedicated to Adam West: the best Batman of all time.

The New Adventures of Batman is a 1977 animated show. It was made by Filmation who also made the first He-Man television show.


Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Bat-Mite protect Gotham City from the villains. Bat-Mite tries to be helpful, but often causes conflicts for the Dynamic Duo. Each episode had a lesson for the kids to learn.

This show is 40 years old. Back then plots were really simple and this show is proof of that. However the plots aren't bad. The show was meant for kids. 1 of the main reasons that the show works is...
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posted by energizerbunny
I know a lot of people are getting tired of hearing "overrated" but I just wanted to share my thoughts.This is not an article of characters I dislike, i just think they're well you know.

10.Brooke Davis

Dean Winchester use to be number 10, but as the seasons have gone by, Brooke Davis is starting to get a good bit of hate now considering she's changed so much.What get's me is when people call Peyton whiny when Brooke cries just as much, if not more.It's always "Brooke has been through a lot" Well so has Peyton! I do like her character though ;)

9.Dean Winchester

Ok, I know people are gonna hate...
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Those of you who think that television teaches you nothing...well you are in for a rude surprise! As a sitcom fanatic (my list of favorites currently adds to 32) I can tell you with certainty that sitcoms have a lot of life lessons to teach ranging from family, to love, to the everyday. So sit back, relax, and LEARN!

1. If you are married, and intend to renew your wedding vows, DON'T. You will end up divorced.

2. Amnesia is very common. In fact, nearly every time you hit your head amnesia will result. AND it's fairly simple to get rid of. Just have people:
A)Take turns hitting you on the head...
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My main objective in writing this article is to introduce to the new generation of t.v. viewers, about Mel's Diner, from the Classic C.B.S. television show "Alice", which ran from 1979 to 1985, starring Linda Lavin and veteran actor Vic Tayback.

The folks at the real Mel's Diner were gracious enough to send me an official copy of their menu for this article. For that I am grateful.

The World Famous Mel's Diner is opening Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Monday through Saturday, from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., and on Sundays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Patrons are able to Dine In or Take out, according...
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Image A: Veoh Player
Image A: Veoh Player
As many of you would know, I love to upload videos to many spots on here (television is something of an addiction of mine). Many of these videos happen to be Veoh videos which are only available in 5 minute previews. One recurring theme of many of the comments I receive on these videos is that it isn’t the whole video and people seem unsure as to how to download. So here’s my step-by-step guide on Veoh videos!

1. Firstly you’re going to need the Veoh player (Image A). Here’s a link to the download page:
You may think it’s a hassle to have to download a player, but it doesn’t...
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