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At school)
duncan: hey geoff are you busy this weekend
geoff: yes i'm going to brighette's house
duncan: skip that want to see a movie
geoff: sure
trent: what movie
duncan: peronias
trent: isn't that rated r
duncan: so alot of poeple sneak into movies
duncan: fakee ones duh
geoff: thats against the law well just talk later and don't menchen that to the girls
duncan: fine i was going to ask him but ence good gooody trent would not let gwen sneek into a r rated movie
trent: ecuse me!
geoff: trent! no do not fight with duncan
owen: i am in with the movie
duncan ok at firday night at 12pm
trent: fine
(at the teater on firday night*
trent: you sure we should do this
duncan: yes we should
*they go into the room*
*sacreaty comes*
saceraty: you 4 come with me right now
duncan: why
sacrety: you have fake ids*they grab them*
trent: hey hey hey my dad is a lawer
duncan: oh stut up trent!
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posted by izzzyroxmysocks
so as u should no season 2 of total drama island is coming out , so i just wanted to give you some quick information. #1 the campers . The only campers coming back are ; courtney , heather , lindsay , harold , duncan , owen , izzy , gwen , beth , LaShawna , trent , geoff , bridgette , justin ,!(please dont hate me 4 this i didnt pick them)
#2 its filmed at an abandon movie studio they still have conffetionals but there in dressing rooms (so awsome)
#3insted of mashmellows they get oscars,emmys, awards whatever you want to call it.
.....................ripoff huh?

well have a good one!!
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I found it on youtube :D
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posted by ROCKCHIC179
This is what happened to my top 3 fav couples after TDM.
(Least fav from the top to bottom)
Gwen & Trent*
Gwen got into Art collage and became a pop art artist.
Trent record his first no. one hit and is now tour Europe.
Trent and Gwen got back together after setting some misunderstandings, now she tours with Trent, Trent asked Gwen to marry him when his band was in France, she accpted and They are still in tough with most of the total drama cast.
Gwen and Courtney became close friends and Duncan and Trent still don't like each other but they protend to get along.

Geoff & Bridgette*

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