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Thalia as a teen
Thalia as a teen
Annabeth: Man Thalia takes forever.
Percy: Yeah *sarcasticly* like you take short showers.
Annabeth: You're right.
Alexis: *shivering*
Percy: You're freezing you're butt off arn't you?
Alexis: Uh huh.
Thalia: You guys ready to go?
Annabeth: what took you so long.
Thalia: Oh lets see the fact that I was covered in mud.
Annabeth: Ok lets get going.
Alexis: Thalia I want to stay here.
Thalia: No swettie you have to come with.
Alexis: why?
Thalia: I can't leave you here alone.
Alexis: fine.
Annabeth: Come on we have to go like NOW!
Thalia: whats the hurry?
Annabeth: We have a train to catch.
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-this is part of Alexa at her first day of school- Alexa:-sighs- here I go -two girl run up the Alexa- Quinn and Carol:HEY!! were the twins Quinn and carol are you Gwen and Trent Daugther? Alexa:ahh yes? Quinn:we are Katie and Dj's Daugthers! Alexa:oh nice to meet im Alexa but you call me Lexi Carol:ok! -sassy girl in a purple silk dress and a girl in boots dressed like a cowgirl and girl with big glasses walk up- Beatrice:WHO are you? Jamie and jenny:YEAH! Alexa:oh hi im Alexa! -holds out hand- Beatrice:-laugths- did you just fly in from Stuidville? Alexa:OK YOU CAN BE ALL SASSY BUT WHE YOU...
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-about 4 weeks Izzy was found Courtney got her car and now it someone's birthday!- Gwen and Trent:one two three HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXA!Alexa:-yawns- W-what? Trent:-kisses head- happy 5th birthday lexi Gwen:get dressed the party started in a hour -the party starts and we are with Alexa and her friends- Megan:-starts crying- Alexa:Meg what's wrong? Mark:if you tell her Megan -Courtney walks in- Courtney:come on kids! Alexa:ohh CAKE! -runs in- Mark:MEGAN DON'T MAKE HER UNHAPPY! -go's in with everyone else- -with Gwen and Alexa in Lexi's room- Gwen:Lexi there's something you need to know about 5...
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-Alexa Mark Megan Stella and Keegan in the ball pit- Alexa:my lips are zipped Stella:come on Alexa it's been 3 hours tell me at the most Alexa:-laughs- I would rather tell a brick wall before I tell Stella the girl who can't keep a secret from a rock Megan:then tell me you know I can keep it Alexa:OK Meg the secret is... -with Courtney Gwen and Brigette- Gwen:can I tell you girls something? Courtney:yeah what is it Gwen:ok I'm pregnant Courtney and Bridgette:WHAT! does Trent know -Trent walks in- Trent:does Trent know what? Gwen:-sighs- Trent I'm pregnant Courtney stand behind Trent Courtney:OK...
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Duncan:I want to slap her across the face so hard now Mark:calm down daddy! Gwen:ill call Bridge -Trent and Duncan are be hidding behind the house talking- Trent:-snickers- Duncan:What? Trent:Calm down daddy -laughs so hard- Duncan:-holds up fist- you want to go there Trent?Trent:no sorry dude -Gwen Brigette and Counrtney with Brigette's kids- Courtney:Hey Bridge -Brigette puts down Stella and Keegan- Brigette:im so sorry about what happened Court -Stella and Keegan go by Mark,Megan,and Alexa- Stella and Keegan:Hey everyone Mark:Hello Meegan:Hey girl Alexa:H-hi K-keegan -blushes- Keegan:ooook...
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Gwen:thats the fourth time shes done this -rocks Alexa- Trent:It's getting really Annoying now -car alerm- -Gwen and Trent run to window- -Izzy gets in Courney's car and drive away with it- Gwen:was that Izzy? Trent: I think so -Trent picks up phone and call Courtney on his phone- Courntney:WHAT!?!? did you see who it was? Trent: we think it was Izzy Courtney:OK in the moring we will call -Yawns and hangs up the phone- -Gwen lays Alexa down and Gwen and Trent go to bed- (moring)-pounding at the door- Duncan:Trent open the door! Trent:DUDE! Alexa is sleeping shut up! Duncan:ok fine that was...
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Gwen:-sighs- Trent:whats wrong Gwen:it's quite around here with Alexa sleeping Trent:well then -picks up gwen and spins around- Gwen: -laughing- Trent stop! Alexa:Mommy! Mommy! (Trent and Gwen run in Alexa room) Gwen:-picks up Alexa- whats wrong Alexa Alexa:-starts crying and points at window- Izzy:OH GOD! -jumps off roof- I'm stopping here to see if anyone likes it
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