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Will they ever address the alien question with more seriousness in the series?

Ok, this may sound a bit whacky to some and may be a bit random but being a person that has had experiences with things that could be considered of the paranormal, supernatural and cosmical order so I'm wondering when ....

and if ever they will integrate aliens into the equation. From gods to angels to ETs from lights in the sky and distant suns burning out to parallel dimensions, time travel and UFOs there are enough researchers and "abductee" or "contactee" material out there for it not to be too big of a leap.
-the Origins of humanity(family tree)/ genetic manipulation
- the mistranslation and missing parts of the Bible
-Connection between pyramids, cosmic radios and ancient alien civilizations
Just to name a few
Just saying could be an interesting twist in the story as everything (relatively speaking) else has been used in the series...!!!
Will they ever address the alien question with more seriousness in the series?
 Soup-Aux-Neuron posted over a year ago
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Flickerflame said:
I don't think so. Aliens and extra-terrestrial life are generally considered sci-fi, while Supernatural has been going for more of a mix of fantasy and religious mythology. Plus, they claimed back in season 6 that alien abduction experiences were actually mis-identified fairy abductions. I don't know they'd alter that.
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posted over a year ago 
KevinHWoodward said:
From my perspective as a storyteller (take it for what it's worth) I've always kind of assumed they're trying to stay out of X-Files territory. It's kind of like being an adult cartoon trying not to tread too closely to Simpsons or Southpark territory. As the show producers, they probably don't want to invite that comparison! (Though I personally think Supernatural holds up to the comparison...)

That and it would be serious genre-jumping. Not impossible, but it would be tricky to pull off without being seriously stupid. Not impossible.... but it probably wouldn't be worth it, when they have a never-ending reservoir of non-problematic fantasy-genre supernatural elements that they can play with.
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posted over a year ago 
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