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Episode 11x09 - Questions about the cage

These may just end up being plot-holes but I still wonder...

1. Why is Lucifer wearing Nick's meatsuit? He was wearing Sam when he fell in the cage and Michael was wearing Adam... where did Nick's body come from?

2. Speaking of Michael, where the heck is he? Shouldn't he be in the cage, too?
 SherlockStark posted over a year ago
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Tigerpounce said:
Okay, this is why SPN is so great.

Lucifer is wearing the meat suit because it was just barely strong enough to contain him briefly on Earth. He was consuming it at an ever-increasing pace during that whole season. He's trapped in Hell, in the cage, and he says in "Oh Brother..." that he "...looks good down here, but will be so much smoke topside." So he didn't destroy the meat suit, it just couldn't hold his true form on Earth, but it's doing just fine in Hell. Showing up as his true form to talk to Sam probably wouldn't win him any points, so I'm guessing he decided it made more sense to appear human.

Now, where is Adam? Back in the original cage.

Rowina and Crowley built a secondary cage in Limbo to summon Lucifer. Rewatch the episode, and you'll see there are very different walls of the divine cage that Lucifer starts off in. He is summoned to the Limbo cage for the chat in order for Team Free Will to try and have a "modicum of control" over his powers. That seems to have failed miserably, but that's why we keep watching.
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posted over a year ago 
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