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emerald_32 posted on Apr 19, 2016 at 04:13PM
JJ Abrams has recently confirmed that Rey's parents did not appear in episode vii, thus removing Luke, Leia, and Han as her parents. Though, Collin Trevorrow has also stated that Rey's parents have been seen in past episodes, with an exception of The Force Awakens.
The famous Rey Skywalker theory (which is centred around the theory that Rey is Luke's daughter) seems to have been destroyed, even though it would seem to be the most sensible backstory for Rey. What do you think?

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over a year ago MultifandomLuvr said…
Even if she isn't Luke's daughter we never found out who Anakin's father was so she still could be a 'Skywalker' somehow tied to Anakin's family. I feel it's stupid that they pulled the curtain down on Luke being her father because so many things added up and several fan theories made sense that I agreed with, I'm still hopeful in the end that they tie her bloodline to the 'Skywalker's'.
over a year ago emerald_32 said…
apparently there's also a rumour that rey is anakin's reincarnation, though i feel like it's too early for him to reincarnated?? it's an okay idea though.