Luke and the rest of his team from Panera Beach arrived at Los Ingles.

Luke: *Looking around the town as he walks into a library* I thought there would be more soldiers here. *Looks at Mee sitting on a table, and walks over to him* What happened here?
Mee: What?
Luke: What happened?
Mee: Sorry sir, I can't hear you! I was stuck on a bell tower for eight hours, listening to the bells ring! Ding, dong, ding, dong!
Luke: *Walks towards Bail Organa. Jr* General Sireeto's team still hasn't arrived yet.
Bail: Resistance must be tough on Omega.
Seeq: *Looking around Los Ingles, when he sees a wrecked Victory 2-Class Frigate, with an X-Wing. He runs towards the X-Wing without any hesitation* Please don't be Jyll, please don't be Jyll. *Opens the cockpit, and looks inside. It is empty* Thank goodness. *Turns to the right, and sees Jyll laying on the ground, dead. He kneels, and puts his hand on her head as he begins to cry*

On Omega Beach, General Sireeto, and several others were desperately thinking of a way to breakthrough enemy lines.

General Sireeto: I got a plan. We'll go to the wall nearby, and blow a hole in the bottom.
Rebel Colonel: With what?
General Sireeto: A super imploder.
Rebel Colonel: We're supposed to save those for the bunkers.
General Sireeto: We can't capture the bunkers if we don't get there! Follow me.

As they reached the wall, they saw Early.

General Sireeto: Where's your Lieutenant?
Early: He's dead General.
General Sireeto: What's your name son?
Early: Sargent Aalton Sir.
General Sireeto: Congratulations, you're being promoted to Lieutenant. First, you need to help us blow a hole through that wall.
Early: Yes sir.

They went towards the wall, but a stormtrooper shot him with a DLT-19.

General Sireeto: *Shoots the stormtrooper with a DH17* Okay, place the bag on the wall.
Rebel Colonel: *Places the bag on the ground, and makes it lean on the wall*
General Sireeto: *Pulls out a super imploder* I'd stand back if I were you.

They ran towards a trench, and the General threw the super imploder next to the bag.

General Sireeto: All fifteen of those explosives should do the trick. *Watches the explosives blow a hole through the wall* Onward!
Rebels: *Shouting as they charge through the hole*
Stormtroopers: They broke through! *Getting shot*

2 B Continued