Colonel Russo and the rest of his squad landed just outside of Los Ingles, but the Colonel broke his leg.

Colonel Russo: *Sighs* At least we were able to avoid the swamps.
Rebel Doctor: Can you walk?
Colonel Russo: Maybe. It would be easier if I had something to lean on.
Rebel 55: Here Colonel. *Gives him a stick* I took this off a branch from a tree. It should be long enough for you.
Colonel Russo: *Takes the stick* It is. I appreciate that soldier. Let's move.

Anthony got free from the tree, but he still couldn't find Colonel Russo, or the rest of his team.

Anthony: *Leaning behind a stone wall, sweating as he clicks his cricket once* please click twice... please click twice.... *Hears two clicks, then stands up to see more Rebels* Wait, you're not with Colonel Russo's squad.
Rebel 80: No, we're with Captain Wottin.
Anthony: *Sighs* I'm lost.
Rebel 80: It's alright kid, stick with us.
Anthony: *Following the other Rebels*

As they walked along the stone wall, they passed more soldiers. Anthony took a close look at them, and they turned out to be Imperials.

Anthony: *Looks at the other Rebels, then back to the Imperials* No. *Watching the other Rebels walk away* Hey. We just passed a group of Imperials. *Sits down, and leans against the wall, feeling depressed* Oh, this is bantha fodder.

More U-Wings were on their way to drop off soldiers to take over Los Ingles. Inside the town, a church was on fire, and the bells were ringing in hopes to bring more people over to help put it out.

Stormtrooper 99: *Looks at the fire, then spots the U-Wings* Hey, look up there.
Stormtrooper 67: Call for back up.

Inside one of the U-Wings, a Rebel by the name of Mee Hoto was practicing the language of Naboo.

Mee: Je suis avec l'Alliance rebelle. Je suis Madamoiselle.
Rebel 54: We're about to approach our drop zone. Get ready.
Mee: *Stands up with the other Rebels* Je suis avec l'Alliance rebelle.
Rebel 54: Okay, go!
Mee: *Following the other Rebels as they jump out of the U-Wing*

The church bells were still ringing when the stormtroopers saw the Rebel paratroopers (Start at 1:00): link

Stormtrooper 85: Up there! *Points his E11 at the Rebels, and shoots at them*
Stormtrooper 64: *Running towards the church with another E11. He stops running, and shoots other Rebels*
Mee: *Gets his parachute stuck on part of the church. He watches the other Rebels land, and fight the Stormtroopers*
Stormtrooper 83: *Shooting at other Rebels*
Rebel 49: *Lands behind the stormtrooper, his parachute blocks his view*
Stormtrooper 83: *Falls down*
Rebel 49: *Kicks him, then shoots his helmet*
Rebel 77: *Shooting more Stormtroopers with an A280 as he falls towards the ground*
Stormtrooper 31: *Shoots him with a DLT19 as well as several others*
Mee: *Grabs his DH17, hoping to blast his parachute off*
Stormtrooper 90: *Shoots Mee in his foot*
Rebels: *Fighting the rest of the Stormtroopers*
Mee: *Wiping sweat off his forehead as he watches the Imperials retreat* We did it.

2 B Continued