Republic Soldier 60: Major Olkan just contacted us on the hologram. His team captured Twilek Bridge.
Republic Soldier 52: Good. Let's move.

U-Wings, and Rebel Transports started heading towards Naboo.

Itola was one of the cities that they started heading for.

Imperials: Enemy ships up there!! *Firing cannons at three U-Wings*
Republic Soldier 25: *Holding one of the dummy paratroopers* Okay Rupert. Do your duty for the Republic, and everyone on Naboo. *Drops Rupert*
Stormtroopers: Move up! Paratroopers are landing in that field!

Rupert started setting off his miniature explosions, and the Empire thought they were real blaster shots.

Stormtrooper 50: Get down! Return fire!!
Imperials: *Shooting out into the field with E11's, and DLT19's*

Inside one of the main buildings, Orrian went to see Captain Needa.

Orrian: Captain, we got a problem.
Captain Needa: I heard. The Republic is dropping soldiers into Itola, and Reston.
Orrian: The soldiers they're dropping are decoys. They're not real.
Captain Needa: Not real?
Orrian: No sir. They're dummies.
Captain Needa: *Looks at a map* When you create a diversion, it's for a reason. Maybe Ozzel was right. The Rebels are heading for Cenell.
Orrian: Well where's General Ozzel? I need his help to get more tanks into our sector.
Captain Needa: He has left for Mygeeto. He made a quick stop to join in on one of the war games.
Orrian: Perhaps Colonel Jörgenstien can help.
Captain Needa: Yes. I will try to find him for you.

Meanwhile, in Itola, several underground agents were meeting up with ten Republic soldiers.

Salope: I am Salope Meima. The leader of the Underground.
Republic Soldier 44: Five boats are making their way down the river to Champalla. The Empire doesn't know that we captured Twilek Bridge from them, and we hope to keep it that way.
Salope: Follow us. We'll blow up a bridge, block the boats, and sink them.
Republic Soldier 98: Clever plan Miss.
Salope: Let's make it quick. We don't have much time.

2 B Continued
Emily Del Greco as Salope Meima