General Veers was getting ready to leave.

Orrian: When will you be back General?
General Veers: In four days. I'm heading to Kinyen to celebrate my wife's birthday. Faust Jörgenstien is in charge until I return. I want this to be crystal clear to everyone else.
Orrian: I will make sure that it is General.
General Veers: Thank you Lesden. Hopefully I will be back before the Rebel invasion.

Plans were still being made in Coruscant.

Rebels: *Sitting with Republic Generals*
Rebel Sargent: *Walks into the room: Gentlemen, Luke Skywalker.
Luke: *Walks into the room*
Rebel General: Commander, the weather may not get better.
Republic General: We need a decision now.
Republic General 3: That's enough Eisley, we must be patient.
Rebel General: How much longer do we have to postpone our attack?
Luke: This has been on my mind since I first came up with this scheme. We got over five thousand soldiers rarin' to go. If we postpone this attack any longer, it could bring the morale to an all time low. The weather in Naboo may not be in the best conditions, but I think it's worth the risk. In six hours, we will start the invasion of Naboo. Spread the word, and get the soldiers prepared.

In a dark room, a Rebel colonel was turning a light on, and off. He did this three times.

Rebel Colonel: Alright Sargent.
Rebel Sargent: *Turns the lights on*
Rebel Colonel: *Looks at the soldiers sitting in front of him* You are the eyes of everyone up in the sky. You, the pathfinders will have one job, and one job only. To light the drop zones for our paratroops. Together with the Republic, and Polis Massan pathfinders, you will be the first to land in Naboo. Good luck, and don't forget your two most important tool. The lights, *Holding an A300 rifle* And this.

2 B Continued