Coruscant, one of 678 Rebel barracks. It was raining, and the thousands of soldiers in the barracks were getting lunch.

Rebel Cook: *Serving food to the soldiers* Keep the line moving. Take a lid. Silverware is to the left of the lids.
Rebel Soldier 53: You expect us to eat this slop again?
Rebel Cook: I don't care what you do Mack. Eat it, throw it out, do whatever you want with it. I only get paid to do one thing, and that's cooking. You're holding up the line.
Rebel Soldier 53: *Leaves*

Outside, a few of the Rebels were enjoying the rain.

Anthony: *Yawning*
Early: Didn't you get any sleep last night?
Anthony: I haven't been getting any sleep since we landed on this rock. I want to get out of here, and attack the Empire on Naboo.
Early: I do too, but we still need to wait for the signal.

At a Republic base, the Republic were getting their soldiers ready to assist the Rebellion.

Franklin: *Walking with Martin to a Triumph star fighter*
Martin: Any news?
Republic Pilot: Nothing yet. Still waiting for our superiors to give us the green light.
Franklin: Bollocks.
Martin: It's the weather that's delaying us. It's also looking bad in Naboo.
Franklin: I guess we'll have to continue waiting.
Martin: Nothing else we can do.

Back to the Rebels.

Taly: *Sitting behind her desk looking at a few maps*
Hollin: *Walks into the office with Cody* Ms. Orrkan.
Taly: Oh, hello you two. I was expecting both of you, but I was hoping to speak to Colonel Russo alone.
Cody: Then we better get this over with quickly. How much longer do we have to wait until we go to Naboo?
Taly: I can't make that decision.
Cody: Well, can you at least talk to Luke Skywalker for me? Those men have been waiting impatiently for the operation to start. I really care for them. Can you find out how much longer we have to wait?
Taly: I'll try.
Cody: Thank you. That's all. *Walks away*
Hollin: What did you call me here for?
Taly: You and your squad have been ordered to take Los Ingles. It's a small village half a mile north of Champalla, but it's an important crossroad for the Empire. Hold Los Ingles, and the enemy can't get any reinforcements.
Hollin: I've been looking at those maps, and this sounds pretty dangerous. Now the main drop zone for us to take Los Ingles is a quarter mile north of the village itself, but it's mostly surrounded by swamplands, which the Empire could flood to make it more difficult to maneuver. If we undershoot, we'll be killed by the Empire, but if we overshoot, we'll most likely drown.
Taly: This is a tough assignment. That's why I'm giving it to you. You're the greatest officer we have. I know I can count on you to do this.
Hollin: Yes ma'am.

2 B Continued
Christoper Ragland as Early Aalton
Colin Firth as Franklin Sine
Hugh Bonneville as Martin Dalton
Kerry Shale as Cody Sireeto
Dwayne Johnson as Hollin Russo