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The tank was still in front of the bank. The driver thought the coast was clear, until this happened.

Kelly: *Walks out onto the street from one of the buildings to the left*
Big Joe: *Walks in from the right*
Oddball: *Following Big Joe*
Imperial 57: *Turns the turret towards the three Rebels*
Kelly: *Holding an A280C*
Big Joe: *Holding an A280C*
Oddball: *Moves back part of his coat, revealing a holster carrying an SE14C*

The three of them started to walk slowly towards the tank. The driver still had the tank's big gun pointed at them, but was curious to see what they had planned.

Kelly: *Stops with Big Joe, and Oddball, directly in front of the tank*

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Imperial 57: *Opens the hatch, and comes out of the tank. She moves her blonde hair back with her right hand* You don't want me dead, otherwise you'd have attacked me by now.
Big Joe: *Nods* Smart girl. Then again, girls are always smart.
Imperial 57: Why would you let me live though? You are Rebels.
Oddball: Nah.
Kelly: We wear their uniforms, but we're not entirely with the Rebels.
Big Joe: We are soldiers, just like you. We have orders like you, but we all want this war to end, and go home.
Imperial 57: My orders are to guard that bank with my life. You three cannot stop me.
Kelly: Do you even know what's in that bank? One of your Colonel's told me that there's 14,000 bars of gold in there. That's worth 16,000,000 credits. 16,000,000. You see we're just a group of men that have no interest in you, or the rest of the Empire. We just want the gold. You can have some if you want. All you gotta do is turn your tank around, and blow a hole into the front so that we can go in and get what we want.
Imperial 57: Very well. 20 bars are mine if I help you get the gold.
Kelly: It's a deal.

With one blast from her tank, the Imperial knocked the doors down, allowing Kelly and the others into the bank. Inside was a mess. There were green blankets covering stuff up, and lots of dust.

Kelly: *Looking around the bank*
Big Joe: Move those blankets.
Kelly: *Moves the blankets out of the way, and looks at a pile of crates*
Little Joe: *Runs in with Cowboy, Crapgame, Babra, Mordecai, Fisher, and Merner*
Babra: Well?
Kelly: *Picks up a crate, and drops it. Gold falls out*

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People: *Waving Rebel flags around* The 2nd Death Star has been destroyed!! The war's over!
Kelly: *Picks up a golden bar*
Cowboy: Wooh boy.
Oddball: *Beeps like an Astro droid twice*
Big Joe: *Opens another crate* It's all here!!
Fisher: Yeah-hahaha! Oh it's beautiful!!
Babra: Pass me a crate!!
Gungans: *Dancing with the humans as they celebrate the end of the Galactic Civil War*

Kelly and everyone else began loading the gold onto an Imperial Troop Transport.

Babra: What are you going to do with your share Kelly?
Kelly: *Puts a crate of gold into the Transport* Buy a fancy ship with a hyperdrive, and build myself a mansion on an isolated planet. I'll live the rest of my life in solitude, and relax.
Cowboy: I'm gonna buy myself another farm! *Laughing*

Later, Oddball and Mordecai were having a discussion of their own.

Oddball: *With several children on the Mobile Artillery Hovertank*
Mordecai: Now look Oddball, these E11's, and the uniforms are a nice touch, and I also appreciate the fact that you bought us more wine, but to buy this tank? You're absolutely nuts!
Oddball: It's a beautiful tank Mordecai!
Mordecai: It's a terrible tank! It stinks! The fuel system leaks all over, and there's barely any room for the both of us.
Oddball: *Disgusted* Always with them negative waves. Let's go! *Drives the tank*
Mordecai: *Sitting on top of the tank*
Merner: *Running towards the others* Guys, there's a Metra coming with a General!
Gungan: On behalfa the entire planet of Naboo, weesa want to thank you all for your bravery.
Big Joe: That's very kind of you, there's a General coming. We gotta go!

The gungans ran towards General Rancor, and blocked the path of his Metra. There was also too many of them. Because of the big amount of gungans, General Rancor, Major Colwin, and their driver could not see Kelly or the others leaving with all of the gold in the Imperial Troop Transport.

General Rancor: *Smiling* Thank you all for your warm welcome.
Gungan 56: Are you Luke Skywalker?
General Rancor: *Laughing* Look at these guys, they think I'm Luke Skywalker! Major, go look for the others, and bring them over here.
Major Colwin: Yes General. *Gets out, and walks towards the bank*
Gungans: Yousa our heroes!
Major Colwin: Thank you, thanks. *Looks at the bank, and slowly walks in*

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Major Colwin: *Looks around as he slowly walks in. He makes it towards a wall, and looks at a message*

The Rebel Alliance logo was drawn on the wall. On it was a short message that said, Up Yours Colwin.

Far away, Big Joe was driving the others down a dirt road, away from Empyra, and towards a sunset.


Sean Bodine as Kelly
Louis Bodine as Big Joe
Craig Becker as Crapgame
and Jerry Meyers as Oddball

Also starring everyone else in alphabetical order

Andrea Libman as Colonel Allandra
Alec Baldwin as Major Colwin
Brett Dejneka as Little Joe
Cody Wengryn as Rancher
Eminem as Corporal Baledin
Ian Lafferty as General Rancor
James Arnold Taylor as Lieutenant Olara
Jeff Bodine as Cowboy
Joey Timpano as Babra
Kilmer Varela as Corporal Ramn
Michael Luxich as Fisher
Mordecai the Sullustan as himself
Wes Bentley as Merner

Songs used for fan fiction

Burning Bridges - Mike Curb Congregation Band
Sherman Hotel - Lalo Schifrin
Kelly's Heroes - Lalo Schifrin
Young Love - Sonny James
All For The Love Of Sunshine - Lalo Schifrin
30 Seconds To Tokyo - Hans Zimmer
Courage - Hans Zimmer
Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Carmen Dragon
Danger Plan - Sam Spence
Quick Draw Kelly - Lalo Schifrin
National Anthem - France
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