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What are your thoughts on The Last Jedi tralier?

I thought It was good but if they ruin Luke, I'll go to Disney and puch the head of story in the face!😈👊🤤 WHAT? You can't ruin Star wars. I also don't want Rey to be bad.

 ToriKelly5 posted over a year ago
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Star Wars Answers

RoseLovesJack said:
I thought it was good Carrie and Mark were both amazing in it to me they didn’t ruin luke
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posted 11 months ago 
hipgirl1972 said:
i loved the trailer for the last seems dark but thats why they have the porgs in the kids who might be watchin will not be scared to watch it.alot of haters have made their feelings clear.they do not like that the old characters are bein killed off.there are reasons for this 1 harrison ford has been tryin to get han killed off since the empire strikes back.2 carrie fishers death leaves them with no choice but to kill hers off and 3 luke sacrificed himself to save his i see nothin wrong with the last jedi

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posted 10 months ago 
InvaderEleanor said:
It was good...
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posted 5 months ago 
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