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:D Halloween!!
posted by Horse6702
Dear stampy cat,
You probably won't see this but I have watched all but 10 of your videos and i think that i am your biggest fan in the whole world and i watch all your videos the moment you post them on youtube and i hope you will add me to your love garden because that would mean so much to me and it would prove to my mom that you really care about your fans and that you listen to us the people out there.we watch your videos every day
for hours at a time and this is from me and my sister and we only stop to eat dinner and shower
we watch it all night if we want to but we usually do so if you see this then i hope you consider
from:abby and rylee
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posted by CheetahGirl5147
Dear Stampy,
I know you will probably not see this but if you do then I want to let you know that I am a cat too.And you are the best youtuber ever.I can't explain how much I like your videos.I go crazy when I wait for you to upload them.I will subscribe to you when I get my youtube channel ^w^.*INFORMATION* I met you when I was watching Minecraft videos and I saw your channel I clicked on it and watched forever in till night.I have watched all your videos so far on Your Lovely World(Minecraft and other Minecraft series and other random videos of Minecraft),Your Wonderful World (Terraria),Doki...
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Stampy has been very upset lately about having holes in his potato snacks! In this video you can see him expressing himself on the subject! YOLO!
l for lee
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