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posted by serenacullen93
The journal of a raped


My name is Alissa Morris and this is the journal of a raped victim. walking down the street to my house the sun pouring down on to my back I hate the sun it yellow the color of life and joy I was neither of those thing I was cold and desolated . I hate people, life, and even the world. I wouldn’t talk to my family the world itself became a stranger. The only world knew since it happen is the cold un feel confines of my room the dark blue wall that my dad try to bring life to the colorful abstract...
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posted by Starwarschick18
On The Couch

"So Melinda, tell me how was your summer?"

My shrink whose name is Caroline Bryce asks me. She's only 26 but she dresses way too sexy.

Today for instance she has on a tight bright red pantsuit and her long corn silk blond hair is down.

Her over all outfit might look slutty on another person but she pulls it off.

I hook my slightly longer and fuller auburn hair behind my ears and say "It's been good, really good actually."

Caroline nods understandingly she leans forward in her black patent leather chair and asks me "Really how so?"

I take a deep breath and try to explain, I lean my head...
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posted by JennyRocker197
At the end of the novel, Melinda speaks to Mr. Freeman about her being raped, whereas in the movie, she tells Joyce about it.
In the novel, Andy tries to rape Melinda a second time, whereas in the film, he physically assaults her instead.
The film mentions the story taking place somewhere in the Midwest. The novel takes place in Syracuse, Anderson's hometown.
In the novel, she is raped outside in the trees at the party. In the film, she is raped in Andy's car.
In the book, when Andy tries to rape Melinda a second time, she holds a shard of broken glass up to his neck and says "I said no," but...
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