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this fan fiction is about amu's live in middle school,and the other character doing....hope you like it


~my first day in middle school?!

"onee-chan!" said ami loudly,-amu looks really panic-
"uh!" -ami sis struck down amu's bag."sorry"said amu
-amu running and go to dining room she looks some bread and milk,fastly she eat all the breakfast-
"amu-chan you can eat it slowly" said amu's mom.

later amu go to her middle school with her family.she looks big school named 'Saijou Middle School' but she does'nt look any of her friends.she...
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posted by nevenkastar
A blond girl stood in front of a ramen shop eagerly awaiting someone to come along. Everybody stared at her, her looks could make anyone envious just from a single glance. She had long blond hair tied in 2 pony tails on the side of her head that reached her mid-thigh, a spaghetti-strap dress that was dark blue just above the knees with a white belt around the waist, a silver cross collar and white flats with a ribbon at the tip. Who was it? Obviously it was Utau. She waited and waited for him, she became sick of waiting and called him...

"Yo, Kukai! Where are you?" Utau asked angrily.
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.:Amu's POV:.

Ikuto tapped me on my shoulder, and I was about to ask 'what' when he pushed me onto the floor. Next thing I knew, his lips were against mine. What's he trying to do? I felt his tongue against my mouth. GROSS! He tried to get his tongue into my mouth, but I wouldn't let him. I kept it clamped tightly. So he bit me. He friggin' BIT me! My mouth opened, and when I tried to close it, his…tongue *shudder* was already in it. I thought about kicking him there, but I didn't want to hurt him. Because once I started doing that, I wouldn't have stopped. And I thought about biting his tongue,...
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posted by MaddieChan
Shugo Chara!! Doki— (しゅごキャラ!!どきっ Shugo Kyara!! Doki?) is the 2008 sequel to the Japanese anime television series Shugo Chara! Like its predecessor, Shugo Chara!! Doki— is loosely based on Peach-Pit's award winning manga series Shugo Chara![1] and is produced by Satelight under the direction of Kenji Yasuda. The second season features new characters such as Lulu de Morcerf, a new employer for the Easter Company who uses her mysterious ruby necklace to corrupt people's dreams by turning their Heart's Eggs into ? Eggs causing them to wreak havoc.

The first episode, "Sparkle...
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posted by summer448
"Ikuto!?" I yelled running to him.
If he is passed out again im not sure what i'll do?
"Ikuto?" I lightly shook him.
"Get u-" Before I could finish he gave me a quick peck on the lips.
"That boy ruined our kiss." Ikuto said standing up.
I blushed and stood up too.
"Yeah I guess he did." I laughed.
Same old Ikuto.
"And this belongs to you right." He handed me my gold egg.
"Kaori!" I grabbed the egg.
"Kaori?" I held the egg in my hands.
Is she sleeping?
"She must have gone back in." Ikuto said rubbing his arm.
"What does that mean?" I asked confused.
"It means your doubting your dreams."
"Ikuto time to pick...
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posted by summer448
I inhaled a deep breath and walked through the doors of my new school. New faces, new names, new surroundings. This is gonna be one long year. I glanced at my schedule, Room 12 first period.i walked slowly down a hall carrying my heavy binder. 10,11,12. I peered in a room filled with people standing up talking,hugging there was even a couple in the back making out.I walked in and sat down at an empty seat. "Okay class,please take your seats."I took out my pencil pouch and grabbed a pen, sneaking a peek at the egg that i found on my desk two nights ago. It is gold with a strange lacy design...
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Shugo Chara Character Song Album 3

Scan from manga: link
HQ cover: link

New character CD release
from the anime "Shugo Chara!" series.

Release Date: 2010/02/17

Itou Kanae as Amu Hinamori/Dia
Mizuki Nana as Utau Hoshina
Asumi Kana as Ran
Katou Nanae as Miki
Toyosaki Aki as Suu

1. Ai Kotoba wa Open Heart - Amu
2. Hanbun ko no Heart - Amu
3. Tamago Zenshi Shugo Bomber - Ran, Miki, Su, Dia
4. Akaneiro no Sora - Utau
5. Yume Oi RACER - Amu

Songs and scans: link

REMINDER: Downloading is in no way an alternative to buying the original. Please support seiyuu and buy the originals whenever you can....
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Waking up felt like a chore, and chores weren't something I wanted to do.

Every day, I had to convince myself to wake up. My eyes caught sight of the alarm clock: 11:27, three minutes short of my usual eleven-thirty. A sigh escaped my lips and I hit the snooze button on top of the hotel's alarm clock. As I pulled on a pair of boxers, surprise hit me. My manager, Ryu, hadn't come to pour a bucket of ice-cold water on me or blow his whistle as loud as possible. For the manager of a soccer star he sure was lenient. But I didn't care; at least I was dry and not deaf.

But as if I was jinxing myself,...
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posted by chowjoyi
Name: Ikuto Tsukiyomi (月詠イクト)
Birthday: December 1
Age: 17 (in chapter 28 he told Amu he was a senior in high school)
Blood type: AB
Height: 178cm (5 feet, 10 inches)
Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)
HistoryIkuto is a teenage boy contracted by Easter to find the Embryo. He often helps Amu Hinamori even though he works for the Easter Company. Ikuto actually despises Easter and tries to wrench himself free from them by trying to find the Embryo to grant his own wish. By chapter 43, he had left Easter Company in search of his father. In the third season of the anime, he is already traveling the...
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posted by chowjoyi
Lulu De Morcerf (ルル・ド・モルセール, Ruru Do Morusēru), full name Lulu de Morcerf Yamamoto is an anime original character in Shugo Chara!! Doki with Peach-Pit contributing the idea (as stated in Nakayoshi). She is a former Easter Company worker who can turn Heart's Eggs into Wishing Eggs using a ruby necklace. Lulu can also corrupt the owners by forcing the egg to Character Transform with him/her. As she gets to know Amu better, she begins to realize what damage she is causing to the people she targets and is left to wonder what her dream is. She was kicked out of Easter due to...
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posted by randomness2014
Hi everybody! This is my first fanfic & I hope everyone likes it... i dont think that this chapter is very long though i hope thats not a problem with you guys. Oh yea & its a Rimahiko story :D Ok now chapter 1

Chapter 1: The dream
Rimas POV

"Tomorrow she goes to school...", my mom was saying, "... don't you even care?!"

"I didn't say that, I just said that I had to work tomorrow & won't be able to drive her to school, or pick her up.", my dad told her.

"But you promised...", my mom started.

"Where were you the day that our daughter almost got kidnapped?!", my dad yelled....
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.:Amu's POV:.

I sighed. I really don't want to go, but I'm guessing I have to. Otherwise he'll try to punish me or something.

I was about to open my dresser drawer when I heard a thud outside on my balcony. I looked up. Ikuto. He was holding a plastic bag in one hand and his car keys in the other. Ikuto stepped inside and looked at me.

"What?" I asked.

He held up the paper bag. "This."

"What is it?" I eyed suspiciously.

He gave it to me. "Change of plans. You're gonna wear that." He nodded towards the bag.

I looked inside. What. The. Hell.

I pulled some clothes out of the bag. "I'm not going to wear...
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posted by daisylove
alright ppl, im trying to come up with theme songs for shugo chara characters and couples and i MIGHT be able to make it a video, but im having trouble, if you help me, you might get a prize!! :D

all you have to do is tell me the name of a song and who sings it and who's theme song you think it should be

EXAMPLE: Amu = Umbrella by Rihana

and if i think that song will work for that character, you get a prize, a picture of ANY shugo chara character you want, drawn by me (im not THE BEST at drawing anime but im still pretty damn good), also, plz post another song that you think would work for the...
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posted by Cutiechick47
The fourth book of shugo chara encore came out around August, and it was also the final D: but some good news to those of whom who are amuto fans it turned out to be a amuto ending!!Now that i found this out i'm much less mad at the ending to the anime, so sorry for throwing a tempertantrum on my previous article *3*.
Okay so now what the last book was about. As Nikaidou and Sanjou's wedding is ariving Ikuto desides to come back to Japan for the wedding. Amu desides to meet him at "their" amusement park. Amu is glad to finally see him but, is worried that she won't ever see him again. After...
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One day at Utau's Concert.
"Hey Utau! Time to sing!"says Il.Utau takes a deep breath..."I'm Ready!"shouts Utau with high spirit! "That's the utau i know!"says El.

And the concert starts,The Guardians (Tadase,Rima,Nagihiko,Yaya,Amu,Kairi,and Kukai) watch Utau's concert."Yay UTAU!"shouts Yaya.Amu smiles.Then Utau sings the heartful song.

After the concert... Utau goes to her private room.Then Kukai comes in."That is a great show you got there!"says Kukai."Thanks *blushing*"says Utau."So you what to hang out?"ask Kukai."Don't know... but maybe"says Utau."Ok meet me at the ramen restaurant tommorow...
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.:Ikuto's POV:.

"Wow. How did you manage to drag me here?" I heard Amu ask.

I ignored her and took out my list to see which thing we were gonna do first.

(Ikuto's list ~~Nya)

1. Dress up as Lego's and go to random people saying, "We are Michael Jackson from the future."

Amu read that over my shoulder. "What the hell is this?"

"A list."

"I know it's a list, idiot!"

"Then why'd you ask?"

She opened her mouth to fire something back, but realized that she had lost.

"Hinamori! Tsukiyomi! We're ready!"

.:Amu's POV:.

Oh. My. God.

My jaw dropped. All of my friends—Utau, Rima, Tadase, Nagihiko, Yaya, Lulu and...
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Episode 91
Full Throttle. My Rhythm.

Nagihiko is filling in for some players at a basketball game. Meanwhile, Amu and Yaya tell try to make Rima feel guilty about dumping Fuyuki Kirishima. During the game, Kukai comes in and blocks Nagihiko's dunk. Later at the Garden, Nagihiko and Kukai have an arm wrestling fight as Amu sees Nagihiko's egg move. Kukai barely wins. Later, Nagihiko asks Kukai his true motive for visiting and Kukai just says if Nagihiko has found an "answer" yet. Also, Easter has created a machine to help lure X Eggs without Ikuto's Death Rebel. Nagihiko, Amu, and Tadase then...
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posted by piddlepaddles
shugo chara doki was the 2 season for it. many people in japan werent a fan of it either. it lost so many veiwers that it was cancelled.

1)the real life action moments.
i dont like this part because it took up about half of the episode. also the cosplayers werent the same age as they are in the show and didnt even have the same hair colour!!!!

2) the girl with the x eggs.
i hate this because the little girl is so annoying. also she has like 100 x eggs and dosent tell them when she know its wrong. and she isnt even in the manga.

3) ikuto.
ikuto was barely in the season that was a bad idea from the start because the fangirls. he has too many fans to just go on a trip and barely show.

4) the chara shorts.
they also took too much time.
posted by Gwiazdeczka

Info: The next RAW comes out in the beginning of December.
Summary: Amu and Tadase find a place where all unborn Shugo Chara live.
They meet many Shugo Chara from past chapters.
Amu finds the shards of Miki and Suu.
A huge meteor shower happens on the Road of Stars.
Meanwhile, Kairi meets Yaya, who explains who Hikaru is.
They go to the Royal Garden, where Nagi and Rima are discussing Nagihiko's secret from Amu.
On the Road of Stars, Amu's hand is caught by what looks to be Tsukasa's.
He explains that Tadase just got lost, and she should go on.
He asks if she's afraid to grow up, and she...
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posted by chowjoyi
Utau Hoshina (ほしな歌唄, Hoshina Utau) is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series Shugo Chara!.

Profile Stage Name: Utau Hoshina (ほしな歌唄)
Birth Name: Utau Tsukiyomi
Birthday: November 9
Age: 14 (First Season) 15 (Second Season)
Blood type: A
Height: 166cm
Weight: 42kg
History Utau is a 14-year-old junior high student model turned singing idol. Utau Hoshina is actually only her stage name, since her actual name is Utau Tsukiyomi (月詠歌唄 Tsukiyomi Utau), and is Ikuto's younger sister. She repeatedly tries to win her brother's affection, and thus becomes...
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