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Shaman King Question

What is your favorite shaman king quote?

Mine is when Morty and Tamy went with Anna to see Zeck or how ever you spell his name, and when Anna tries to sap Zeck with her right hand and Morty and Tamy say "oh no Anna's legendary round house stop for the very first time." then Anna use her left hand and Morty and Tamy say "oh no it's Anna's legendary left on the face!"
 herems_or_hades posted over a year ago
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Shaman King Answers

novaleeangus said:
My favourite quotes is when Yoh and his friends are fighting Len/Ren Uncle/Father in Episode 24 Dubbed:

Lens Uncle: You have forgotten the most important lesson I have taught you “Destroy or Be destroyed”
Len: Yoh..
Yoh: There’s another important lesson and that’s “Stand by your friends”
Len Uncle: That’s a fairy tale.
Len: Yoooooh!!
Len uncle: Now that all your little friends are out of commission, let’s get down to what really matters. It’s time for you to choose your fate Len. Do you want to be like them or do you want to be like me, all you have to do is say you understand, that you learned your lesson and I will dismiss this as a phase, you can’t fool me I can see it in you, you want to be true to your family, you want to honour the markings I paced on your back and you need only look around to see how wrong the other are. To see how friendship weakens you, these fools became unfocused the moment they started caring for each other and stopped looking out for themselves. I think it’s very sad, what do you think?
Len: Yes, you’re right it is sad.
Len Sister: No.
Len Uncle- How I have long to hear those words, I’m so happy Len is back. Len is back.
Len: It’s sad that you think that way.
It’s sad that for so long I believed you.
It’s sad that you are alone.
Len Uncle: What are you talking about?
Rio: Is he not making himself clear.
Trey: We would be more than happy to clarify it for you, you big blotted bag of wind.
Len Uncle: No this can’t be happening how are you able to get back up, my attack should have kept you down for good.
Yoh: You know what I think is the sadness thing, you got a pretty amazing nephew and you don’t even know it.
Len Uncle: No I have more power than you, how can this be. I thought I destroyed you all.
Len: Their friendship makes them stronger than you. They draw power from each other. I understand this now and I am one of them.
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posted over a year ago 
NnyChichibuChan said:
Mine is when the shamans first met Lyserg and there was some gender confusion, Rio/Ryu thought he was a girl and was being affectionate. Then Horohoro waz liek," THAT'S NOT A DAMSEL,THAT'S A DUDE!" Lol
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posted over a year ago 
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