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I just think this song fits this so well! I did not make it, I was just going around on Youtube and found it.
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I'm on the phone with Cece. I miss her so much! College is torture without her! I'd do anything to hold her in my arms.

"Good Morning. What time is where you are?" Cece asks happily. She's probably happy we get to talk. We never get to talk because I m always so busy with studys.

"It's twelve am." I say sadly.

"I miss you more than anything." She says also sadly. I miss my family and all, but Cece... I miss Cece so much!

"From here you feel you so far!"

"I wait for the phone to ring every day! I'm so glad we can finally talk!"

"It's gettin lonely Cece. I feel like I'm living upside...
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