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This Selena Gomez fan art might contain sign, poster, text, chalkboard, boater, leghorn, panama, panama hat, sailor, skimmer, and straw hat.

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It's a typical morning at your house. You're getting ready to go to school. You go to you're bus stop when you see Selena Gomez and her boyfriend Justin Bieber walks down your street! Since you're at the bus stop early, your alone.
"Hi Selena!" you say.
"Hello! What's your name?" Selena says. you tell her your name and she offeres you to give you a signed photo of her. You say yes, and she shakes your hand. She gives you her personal email so that you can email her whenever you want. Justin also gives you his email. They walk away saying goodbye and giving you a big a hug. But before they leave, you take a picture with selena and justin to have proof that you were with selena gomez. Other kids start to come to the bus stop and one of them spots selena gomez and starts running to see her but it was too late, Selena andJustin have already left and the bus has come. I guess this was your lucky day ;)
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