Well, I Got Bored So I Decided To Write My 1st Article About School!!!
Well, I Walk In And Then Go To The Breakfast Line And Get My Breakfast. I Usually Get Eggs And Bacon With Toast, And Some Fruit. I Go Sit With My Friends And Talk! Then I Go To My First Classes: World History And Reading! They End At 10:30! Then We Got To Lunch, Our School Is Like A 5-Star Gourmet Cafeteria, So It's All Real Tasty! Then I Go Sit With My Special Group Of Friends And Make Eachother Laugh! Next, I Go To Science Class! We Usually To A Awesome Expirement And Write In Our Notebooks About It! Then We Go To Our Next Class: Math, Geography, And Writing. Most Of That Class Is Fun Except For Some Of The Geography Classes. Then We Go To Homeroom And Write In Our Planners. (I Know, Planners Our For 5th Graders!!!!!) But Anyway, Our Teachers Sell Candy At The End Of The Day So I Usually Buy Some Sour Punch And 2 Air Heads! Then I Go To The Office To Get My Bus Pass And Line Up For The Bus. Finally, I Go On The Bus And Get Out My Phone And Snacks And Eat On It And Wait For My Stop! Also, I'm The Last Stop!

P.S. No Mean Comments! I Left Out Some Stuff So It Won't Be Real Boring! And This Was My First Article And I Want It To Be Special!!!